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Embed payroll in your platform

Check is a payroll-as-a-service API that lets you embed payroll directly in your vertical SaaS, HR, or time-tracking platform.

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  • All the tools you need to offer an integrated payroll product

    Check provides all the building blocks to create a full-featured payroll product for your customers. A powerful API, modular white-label onboarding components, and our partner dashboard make for a seamless and fully customizable integration.

    • Employee and contractor payments

      Pay both employees and contractors via direct deposit.

    • Payroll calculation

      Tax, benefit, deduction, and garnishment calculation across thousands of tax jurisdictions.

    • Tax filing & remittance

      Automatic tax form filing, and tax fund remittance, at the Federal, State, and Local level.

    • Modular onboarding components

      White-labeled onboarding flows, for companies and employees, help you get to market faster.

    • Management dashboard

      Onboard companies, pull reports, and manage your customers - all via our intuitive dashboard.

    • Expert payroll support

      Our experienced team is here to answer all of your customers’ most complex payroll and tax questions.

    Built for developers

    With Check you can create your first payroll in minutes, not months. We’re committed to providing a great developer experience with intuitive APIs, great documentation, and outstanding support.

    curl --request POST
      --header 'Authorization: Bearer ada9fa4882e2'
      --data '{
        "company": "com_djyveIIuOi9n",
        "period_start": "2021-01-16",
        "period_end": "2021-01-22",
        "payday": "2021-01-29",
        "items": [
            "employee": "emp_delFYude9TWX",
            "earnings": [
                "type": "hourly",
                "workplace": "wrk_9tb1CAiAu6fM",
                "amount": "390.00",
                "hours": 40
    • Sandbox environment
    • Critical webhooks
    • Payroll previews

  • Unlock a new revenue stream

    With Check’s payroll-as-a-service offering you can create a powerful new source of revenue for your business, while also delighting your customers and reducing churn.

    • You own the customer relationship and experience
    • Platform-friendly pricing
    • Unlock expansion opportunities into benefits

    We’re here to help

    Payroll can be complicated, which is why our team is here to help you at every step along the way.

    From hands-on implementation support to an expert compliance team with decades of experience, we’ve got you covered.

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