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Announcing earning codes

Employers running payroll often want the flexibility to customize labels for certain earnings, in such a way that will flow through to their employees’ paystubs. For example, imagine a restaurant that wants to pay employees for waiting tables and washing dishes. The restaurant might want those... Read More


Check’s Approach to Pay Equity

Today marks Equal Pay Day in the United States, a symbolic acknowledgment of how long the average woman must work in order to earn the same amount as the average man did in the prior year. Take a moment to let that sink in — it’s almost April, and women are just now catching up to what men earned... Read More


Making document management easier with webhooks

Payroll requires a lot of complicated paperwork from both employers and the people they’re paying. A company needs to fill out multiple forms before it can start running payroll, every employee needs to provide withholding forms when they start, and then every quarter (and at year end) the company... Read More


Introducing Console

Today we’re excited to launch Console, a centralized dashboard for managing payroll across all of your customers. Read More


Announcing our partnership with Plaid

At Check, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to embed payroll. Today, I'm excited to announce we've partnered with Plaid, a financial data network powering thousands of digital apps and services, to streamline the process for connecting employee bank accounts that receive wage payments.... Read More


Introducing Check

Today we’re thrilled to introduce Check, the first platform for developers to build new payroll products. Our mission is to make paying people simple — because even though trillions of dollars pass through payroll systems in the US every year, the technology underpinning those systems hasn’t been... Read More


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