Join us to shape how people get paid.

For too long, businesses have been stuck with clunky, one-size-fits-all payroll software. Payroll can and should be built into the applications that businesses use every day, and should be tailored to their diverse needs and workflows. That’s why we started Check — to democratize access to payroll infrastructure and underpin seamless, compliant, and secure payroll products.

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Why join Check?

The first thing you’ll notice about working at Check is the impact. If we don’t do our job, people don’t get paid. That’s a powerful motivating force. Every day you’ll know you’re helping small businesses, and the people who work for them, all across America.

Next you’ll notice the challenges. The payroll industry is a multi-faceted system that has evolved over the course of a century, and we work hard to make it simple for our customers. You’ll be challenged daily to solve tough problems by working closely with teammates across domains, whether that be engineering, design, product, legal/compliance, or operations.

Finally, there’s a special satisfaction that comes from making something that was previously impossible, possible. We’re enabling a whole new wave of innovative companies, and take great pride in helping those businesses grow.

Our team

We know that who you work with is as important as what you work on.

Many of us have worked together across several companies, and it's been our goal from the start to build an inclusive and diverse organization that is representative of the people we help pay. We’re taking consistent, intentional steps, and have more ahead of us.

You can find us at our hubs in New York City, San Francisco, and Atlanta, and distributed around the US.


Our values inform everything we do. They’re what we look for in new teammates. They’re what we celebrate with each other. They’re what we hold ourselves accountable to.

  • Be an ownerWe each own our products, our culture, and our shared outcomes. We take responsibility and do the work to deliver and shape things for the better.
  • Earn trustTrust is our most valuable asset. We do everything to earn the trust of each other and of those we serve. That means sticking to our word, and openly sharing our wins, our shortcomings, and our quirks.
  • Check yourselfWe aim to first understand others and their decision-making before offering solutions. We look for the potential in others, foster belonging, and invest in people over the long term.
  • Bridge the gapSuccess depends on us flexing in new ways. We seek out understanding in ourselves and others. We learn with urgency and teach with patience.

Our perks and benefits

  • CareWe provide access to high quality health insurance coverage, ample paid time off, and flexible parental leave. We offer 401k benefits.
  • Team eventsWe organize regular team hangs, happy hours, hackathons, and annual offsites to take a step back, look ahead, and goof around!
  • Growth and learningWe constantly teach and learn from one another, and we regularly bring experts from different domains to speak with the team.
  • Covid-19 responseWe’ve long had a remote-friendly culture, and we don't plan for anyone to return to the office until Summer 2021 at the earliest. While we all work from home we’re providing a stipend to help improve your personal workspace.


Join us to help reimagine the way people get paid