Paper Checks

Further simplifying payroll through automatic paper check rendering


Over the last 3 years we’ve seen that many workers prefer to receive a physical check. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  1. They don’t have bank accounts - some workers may not have access to a bank account, preventing them from setting up direct deposit.
  2. Wary of setting up direct deposit - some workers have a lack of trust in direct deposit or simply prefer to receive a physical check for personal reasons.
  3. Contract work - some work might be seasonal, task specific, or just temporary in nature, making it more cumbersome to set up direct deposit.

So, while there are several reasons a business may need to deliver paper checks to workers, the process of writing paper checks by hand is time-consuming and often error-prone. That is why Check built a new API endpoint enabling white-label paper check rendering. Instead of manually writing a paper check, payroll teams have the option to print those checks directly from the system where payroll is being run. Businesses can use custom check stock to keep checks on brand, improving their security and ensuring they will be widely accepted.

Paper checks are printed with a detailed pay stub attached to the bottom. In service of this new release, we’ve taken the time to completely redesign our paystub structure. It’s now even easier for workers to understand their pay with taxes, benefits, and any other line items clearly broken out.

Check’s mission is to make paying people simple. With automatic paper check rendering, businesses can be more efficient in paying their workers and ultimately provide a better experience for their workers.

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