Introducing Console


Today we’re excited to launch Console, a centralized dashboard for managing payroll across all of your customers.

When we first started out, we built Check as an API-only service. This decision let us focus on giving developers programmatic access to running payroll for the first time, but it had some drawbacks. Observing all of the resources you had created in Check required hitting numerous endpoints, debugging delivery issues with webhooks proved challenging, and each of our Partners ended up building internal tools for their support teams. It was clear we could do more to make paying people simple.

So, over the last few months we built Console to address these challenges. Because most teams use Check in a collaborative way, we designed Console specifically for two audiences: operations teams and developers. For operations teams we’ve made it possible to interact directly with Check for the first time. Now these teams can not only see the Companies and Employees they’ve created, they can drill all the way down to individual Payrolls, Benefits, and Workplaces — taking action when needed — all without developer support. Meanwhile for developers, we’ve provided deep access to webhooks, including the status of each delivery attempt, to make setup and debugging much simpler.

Overall we’ve found that Console has made our partners substantially more productive and enabled them to build on top of Check in record time. If you’d like access to Console, and are considering building payroll into your product, please reach out. We’d love to speak with you.

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