We’re on a mission to make paying people simple

We believe that great tools enable great products. For too long, companies building HR products have faced a devil’s bargain: sink huge amounts of effort into rebuilding payroll from the ground up, or maintain complicated integrations with legacy vendors. That’s now a thing of the past.

We’re democratizing access to this huge section of the economy and ultimately will enable the creation of hundreds of new companies—many of which we can’t yet imagine.

Our Story

We started Check because it’s too hard for small business owners to run payroll. Though modern operating systems that run these businesses — point-of-sale, time tracking, and vertical SaaS software — integrate a whole host of tailored workflows, almost none have been able to offer payroll. The complexity of dealing with over 13k tax jurisdictions spanning 50 states has simply been too hard for each platform to tackle individually. This dynamic has left owners with clunky, siloed, one-size-fits-all payroll software that they operate independent of their day-to-day OS.

Check makes building a payroll product radically easier. With Check every developer now has access to world-class payroll infrastructure. Two years in, we’re proud to work with industry-leading software platforms across vertical SaaS, employee scheduling, and HR. But we’re just getting started.

Our Leadership Team

  • Andrew BrownAndrew BrownCEO, Founder
  • Vivek PatelVivek PatelCTO, Founder
  • Eric StrombergEric StrombergFounder, Board Member
  • Tisha WinfieldTisha WinfieldPayroll Compliance
  • Cristy PhillipsCristy PhillipsGeneral Counsel
  • Ian ZapolskyIan ZapolskyEngineering
  • Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonPartnerships & Sales
  • Adam DrooksAdam DrooksProduct
  • Alex ProppAlex ProppBusiness Operations
  • Jim KohlJim KohlPayroll Operations
  • Kelly JeanesKelly JeanesPeople

Our Investors

We’re proud to be backed by some of the world’s most respected investors.


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